Jean-Luc Fashion Project | Starfleet Uniform Part Two


My favorite part of Generations – besides Demora Sulu – is the parade of uniforms as the franchise shifts from TNG style to DS9/Voyager style. The choice was made to save costuming costs, but it adds to the debate over recycling vs laundering uniforms: if uniforms were made to be replicated and worn once everyone would wear the same uniform right away, yes? Anyway, Jean-Luc wears both styles, and it’s his only appearance in the second. He wears the season seven DS9 uniform in the last three TNG films. 

First Contact

Starfleet’s uniforms get progressively darker from TNG’s first season through Nemesis, as does the storyline, though that is most notable in Deep Space Nine’s war arc which barely touches TNG. I personally love the final version best, with the grey quilting and just a pop of color, but in context it makes me a bit sad, as if Starfleet had to start hiding their bright side.

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