Jean-Luc Fashion Project | Undercover

Time’s Arrow

The best part of “Time’s Arrow,” and to be honest the only part that really works for me, is the costuming.

Picard rocks this many layered look and I love that he’s dressed lower class than the rest of them. ‘Rough and tumble street Picard’ is a fun side to him – and it’s a through-line through these looks both in terms of purpose and aesthetic. Jean-Luc has a go-to concept of himself when he is both in action and in disguise.


As ‘Galen’ the archeologist turned criminal, Jean-Luc is dressed to match the rest of the mercenary crew, but even so he retains the plunging neckline and olive-brown coloring.

The crossed leathers with clasps that resemble skulls parrots a pirate look (pun intended). 

The shirt Jean-Luc wears for his covert meeting with Ro Laren most likely comes from his personal collection – it certainly fits his casual greens aesthetic – but he is meant to be incognito so it’s listed here rather than among his ‘date wear’.

That said, I totally ship it and like to believe Picard was secretly signaling date-ready in his signature color. 

First Contact

Jean-Luc’s undercover overcoat in First Contact seems strangely large on him – strange because it was presumably replicated to fit.

And because the shirt and slacks hang as if tailored to Picard/Stewart (which I imagine they were).

Despite the wide variety of fashion era in these four looks, they each fit Jean-Luc’s preferred color scheme and well connected but street level hero aesthetic.

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