Kes Fashion Project | False

These episodes present versions of Kes that are not actually Kes. The interesting thing is how the outfits are exactly that: they follow but don’t match her aesthetic.

The Doctor’s Wife (Projections)

The Wife look tickles me – both the dress and the haircut are like Kes but also clearly not Kes, which is true to story (she’s a glitch in the Doctor’s program). But her dress is also a yellow color that Kes never wears, but Barclay does. Brilliant! But as far as fashion, much less interesting than real Kes’s clothes.

Warlord (Warlord)

The Warlord look is even more fashionably entertaining because it’s this amoral culture’s dark uniform, that they all wear, cut to Kes’s preferred silhouette. It’s kinda hilarious.

But also kinda fetishy because it’s teen girl Kes in black leathers and a literal collar.

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