Nyota Fashion Project | Greco-Roman Inspiration

TOS is a trip.

Gamesters of Triskellion

So Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are abducted and forced to become gladiators (abduction for entertainment is a recurring plot). But Nyota fights in what amounts to her standard uniform plus a harness and collar, which I think means that what these women are wearing:

is what they wear everyday. And that is all kinds of AMAZING.

But what I love best about these caps is how seriously Nichols is taking this absurdity. Her minidress costume is already so out there and then they tie on iridescent strips and throw her in a scene with shirtless harnessed Shatner

But she is rocking it!

Greece (Plato’s Stepchildren)

Here we have a race of telekinetic aliens who want to live like Ancient Greeks for undisclosed reasons. And they need a doctor so they try to steal McCoy. Kirk says no so the Platonians turn him and his crew into their Barbie dolls – dressing them up and forcing them to act out whatever scenario strikes their fancy. This includes smooshing Kirk and Uhura into an interracial kiss (often hailed as the first on television).

The whole thing is really creepy, but really interesting, because the episode raises a lot of questions it never really addresses, both within the story and for the audience. In the end, Kirk gives a Kirk SpeechTM , the Platonians claim to have learned the error of their ways and the Enterprise departs. 

But let’s talk fashion.

I don’t exactly LIKE Nyota’s bedazzled greco-roman robe maxi dress. There are about 4 things too many going on with the bodice while the rest of it looks like a tablecloth.

But I respect it. It totally looks like a dress someone who really, really likes Greek philosophy, but doesn’t actually understand Greek philosophy, would design for the pretty girl he kidnapped in the name of Greek philosophy. 

And I do like that she has a Cleopatra thing going on.

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