Runway Rundown: Project Runway 13.12

People who know me know that I defend people, and especially women, who speak their mind even if it is (as it often if not always is) rude of them. So here is my defense of Korina. Char made it into the finals when Tim Gunn used his Save on her. She got a pass over Samantha, Fade, Sandhya, Alexander, Korina, and Emily. That’s just how the show works now. I’m not going to say it is or is not fair because the entire series is and is not fair. It’s competitive reality television. But Korina didn’t think it was fair. She should not have said so to Char in the previous episode. That was mean, it crossed a line. I get it, but I don’t defend it. I do, however, defend what she did in this episode. Frankly, she saved Char and the audience a lot of extra dramarama and maybe you watch for the drama (the producers sure think we do) but I don’t.

I absolutely feel sorry for Char in all this — she is just as much of a pawn as Korina is, maybe even more so. But Korina did the right thing here. She was done. They told her to leave and then they didn’t let her go and she was done playing. And good for her.

So. Fashion.


I would never ever wear this out but it looks cozy?
Amanda (Fade)

I want to read her comic book.

It looks better in this picture than it did on TV. I might want to read her comic book.
Char (Korina)

Burn it.

When Sean is on I really like his designs.
Sean (Sandhya)

Other times Sean is off. But if they sent me her comic book for free, I’d read it.


Come on, even the Kiniphiles can’t think this is that great, right? It’s a mess!
Kini (Mitchell)

But I grant you this is very pretty.


Dude, I am all over her comic book! I will cosplay this! I will also wear (live in) that super hoodie, it looks uber-cozy.
Emily (Samantha)

And this is as boring as everything Samantha ever made.

So Emily is out as I knew she would be and she knew she would be.

Winner I Want: Sean

Winner I Expect: Kini

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