Runway Rundown: Project Runway 13.9

This post was delayed due to my day job being CRAZY, but here we go. I loved this challenge. I have a nine year old daughter who loves American Girl and fashion so this episode was basically made for us.


This is fine. It’s certainly cute. But Kit is one of our favourite American Girls so I wish it had more personality. Love (want) the shoes.

First of all, the model is crazy adorable. All of them were but look at that smile. The dress is great and Aeris loved the jacket.


Yawn. I like Sean, but this is so boring.

It’s not boring. Aeris wants the skirt and I want the sweater. Together it’s a little weird and the veil was a mistake (the little model was hilariously over it). I like the IDEA of this and how it relates to the doll/story more than I like the execution. But the idea that little girls shouldn’t wear these colors makes my eyes roll and I say that as a mother with a child exactly this age who buys these kinds of clothes.

This would be adorable on a toddler. The model tried so hard. Aeris said if Heidi asked her if she liked it she would say “No way” and really liked Nina’s description of a circus flamingo. Accurate. Then Aeris described how she’s fix it and it involved throwing everything except the headband (which she loved) out and remaking a dress in this color (which she also loved).

I’ll miss Sandhya because she had a distinctly different point of view.


Zomg so cute! We love it. Aeris wants to wear it. Her actual favorite. I love that Zac likened it to wearing a superhero cape to school. ROCK.

Clever, cute, great styling, great story and totally related to the challenge. Should have won.

Okay, Kini, I like this a lot. I maintain that it is not particularly creative — it looks like what Samantha wears and would wear, and lbr, Samantha was definitely the easiest doll to get — BUT, I really like it. Aeris would wear it. I would wear it! Like for real I want that coat. So fine, Kini, you can have this win.

But I kinda feel like creativity has left the building….

And my revised expectations–

The final four I want: Korina, Amanda, Emily, Sean.
The final four I expect: Kini, Amanda, Sean….toss up.


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