Costober 2022 Days 2-3: Anna and Elsa

Anna, the dreamer and Elsa, the transformer

About the Looks

I have a confession. I like Frozen 2 more than Frozen. I think the first is an objectively better film in terms of plotting and cohesion. But the sequel is weirder, prettier, and more fun. I love that they tried to make Anna and Elsa’s parents more sympathetic and instead made them worse. I love that they chose to mix and match musical genres, and careen wildly from emotion to emotion. I love the new characters, especially Elsa’s girlfriend, the hot captain of the guard, and the fire lizard. And I find it musically and visually more imaginative and fulfilling.

I’m more an Anna than an Elsa. I’m excitable and idealistic. I overshare. I definitely talked to inanimate objects as a child, and I definitely talk to myself in times of stress. But Anna represents the status quo, while Elsa represents divergence. Anna follows the path of a Disney Princess: she goes on a journey, makes friends with animals, finds a husband, and protects the realm. Elsa’s whole story is about accepting that’s not her path. She’s different, what she wants is different, and her power and path are both about transformation.

Elsa is widely considered queer. It’s not explicit, but she’s queer-coded. Her iconic ballad, “Let It Go”, resonated with the LGBTQIA+ community as much as it did little girls (and statistically, there is crossover between those two groups). Frozen 2 did not confirm these beliefs, but it also did not contradict them. Say gay in Frozen 3, Disney!

About My Looks

My Anna look is simple, and more traditional on purpose. I found the sweater thrifting and it screamed Anna of Arendelle to me: cozy, pretty, sweet, and Norwegian. With the pale teal sleeves it mimics Anna’s main look in the first film. My son laughed at how short my braids are, but they’re there! I finished the look with jeans, sweater socks, and my patent leather princess shoes. We were at Target to find the extremely elusive new Monster High dolls so I decided to pose in the Frozen section.

My Elsa look is more conceptual, also on purpose. I’m going for nonbinary punk meets Disney Princess. The (blatantly queer-coded Disney licensed) t-shirt was purchased secondhand on Poshmark before Costober 2021, but didn’t make it in last year. The shorts were worn previously for my Draculaura look (the sequin stripe can be pink or silver), and the undershirt is from Cinderella. Sparkly tights and sleeves are from a dance store and I’m wearing the same sweater socks I did as Anna, and the UGGs I wore as Belle. Plush Bruni is available wherever Disney merchandise is sold (for example, Target!).

My headband was purchased for a Padmé look I wore on vacation and I am 90% sure the snowflake earring is Frozen 2 branding that I purchased back in 2019. The white eyeliner (also on my eyebrows), rose gold mascara, and silver lipstick are meant to evoke frost. The band-aid was not planned, a rambunctious kitten scratched me last night. Luckily, I’m the type of person to have Frozen branded band-aids in my medicine cabinet.

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