Costober 2020 Day 30: Draculaura

For my penultimate look of Costober2020 (I can’t believe we’re already here!), the monster Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, from the doll line and animated series Monster High.

About the Look

Seven years ago my daughter and I waited in a 3+ hours long line at NYCC to get the con exclusive Monster High doll, Weberella. Aeris was 8 years old and a huge fan of the dolls. As we finally came within sight of the Mattel booth and the end of the line, one of their workers let us know they were almost sold out and we might not get one. Tears sprung into Aeris’s eyes. We’d been in line all morning, had headed immediately to the booth when we got into the con (which was another line, and after a 2.5 hour drive). She’d been so good and so patient and it might all be for nothing.

We still had a chance so we decided to stay in line. While we were waiting, a guy walks over and offers to sell us Weberella for $200. He has a rolling suitcase full of the dolls that he is selling for eight times the price. I wanted to punch him. It was such a shining example of how awful people can be because capitalism.

But a Mattel employee witnessed the huckster, my anger, and my daughter’s tears. And he told us to wait even though they were now announcing the dolls were gone and anyone still outside the barrier was out of luck. He disappeared into the booth and then a few minutes later, waved us in. Aeris got her doll. And that’s my example of how great people can be even within capitalism.

A couple years ago, Aeris donated her entire collection of Monster High dolls to a preschool. It was vast by that point: dolls, clothes, playsets. Some were custom made, others she’d given make-overs and made little videos with for youtube. But she was redecorating her room and after thousands of hours of play, she’d outgrown the dolls. It was like Toy Story 3, she said, it was time to let them go.

We still love and watch the movies, though. And from the very beginning, Draculaura was my favorite. She’s the super cute, somewhat childish, easily underestimated, actually tough, always positive but has a tragic backstory one. AKA exactly my type of girl ghoul. She’s even a vegetarian!

About My Look

Draculaura is another character I’ve wanted to portray for years, but never quite got it together. I’m really pleased with how this turned out. My one complaint is I’m freezing, but I wasn’t expecting it to snow!

All the Monster High dolls have many outfits but Draculaura’s colors are black and pink. I found this top on one of my thrift store visits. The stripes plus lace match Draculaura’s outfits, hair, and umbrella; it’s perfect! The little lace pocket even resembles a uniform patch. I was looking for a skirt to pair it with, but these shorts with the sequin stripes really caught my imagination. The shrug, which I already owned and earlier wore for Black Swan, references her wings. The (adorable!) bat choker was purchased on Poshmark.

I added some Manic Panic pink to my hair this morning and it really brightened my mood. I’m wearing my pink sunscreen, eyeliner, and Revlon colorburst lipstick.

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