Costober 2020 Day 31: Legoshi

My final look for Costober 2020 is the monster protagonist Legoshi from the manga and anime Beastars.

About the Look

Beastars is the dark and gritty version of Zootopia and Legoshi is one of the central characters. He’s a shy wolf who struggles with his predatory instincts, with his monster side. Prior to the series beginning, Legoshi has survived school by mostly keeping to himself. Then he meets Haru, a dwarf rabbit he has an instant connection to. A primal bond he can’t explain. The series is an exploration of their relationship to each other, and to the wider world of predator and prey.

At its heart, Beastars is a coming of age story. Legoshi, Haru, and their classmates are teenagers at a boarding school. They belong to school clubs, put on dramatic performances and science festivals, go on field trips. They fall in and out of bed and in and out of love. The competition is fierce and the gossip is destructive. And I like the idea, which is also touched on in Mean Girls, that high school is full of wild animals trying to figure themselves out. That “coming of age” means finding the balance between instinct and polite society.

Legoshi is big. He’s constantly trying to take up less space, to be less hulking and therefore less scary. Haru is his opposite. Tiny but outgoing, her personality fills the room. But people take advantage of her openness. Legoshi, for all his bulk and bite, is one of the few who treats Haru with care. And she sees past the predator and reaches out to the lonely soul within.

No one is only a beast.

About My Look

Since it is Halloween, I considered purchasing a professional costume, as I did for my daughter’s Haru. But I waited too long to decide so this is a proper Costober look put together with trips to the thrift store and a basket of yarn.

The pants, shirt, sweater, and tie were all purchased secondhand. The stripes are too thin, and the sweater should be a vest, but I think it resembles a school uniform well enough. I made my tail following this tutorial and used the “fur” pulled out to make ears. I’m wearing white and black grease paint and mauve lipstick with silver gloss.

I did it! The full thirty-one days of everyday cosplay. I am really proud of all my looks this year! I had a lot of fun putting together both the outfits and these posts— and it definitely helped me fight off feelings of impending doom due to the state of the world. Thank you for following along, and I’d love to hear any thoughts!

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