Twinning Tuesday: Thor

Today, my incredibly talented friend, Liz, and I are participating in the ThankFallForYou Challenge put together by Tanya | boundingblondie. She’s Loki, and I’m Thor.

About the Look

Thor is perhaps my favorite Avenger. He’s not the smartest, or the strongest, or the bravest, or even the most worthy. Instead, Thor proves you don’t have to be THE best to be YOUR best. It sounds like settling or giving up. But it’s the opposite. He attacks every aspect of life, from birthright to battle to a really good cup of coffee, with the same ferocity and joy. And Thor doesn’t give up. He adapts.

Because of my deep abiding love, I’ve bounded as Thor a number of times. I made my first look for an event leading up to the release of Avengers in 2012. I dressed in the style of Thor at Geek Girl Con in 2013. I put together two Thor looks for Costober 2018. And sometimes I just decide to be Thor for a day.

Sets made by me on the now defunct (and sorely missed) platform, Polyvore.

There are so many ways to play it! As an Avenger he’s a superhero, red cape and all. He’s also Asgard’s favorite son, a space prince who lives in a space castle at the end of a space rainbow. Then there’s the mythology angle. I’m of Nordic descent— half viking and half celt —and consider Thor a part of my heritage. And I’m pretty certain I can trace my initial love of Thor all the way back to Vincent D’Onofrio in the 1987 film Adventures in Babysitting.

About My Look

My main look (left) is based on Thor’s standard costume— bright, tight, shiny and colorful. The middle look is meant to evoke the darker tone of his looks in Infinity War and Endgame. And on the right is my flower child Thor seen throughout his appearances but fully on display in Ragnarok.

My sequined cocktail dress was purchased secondhand. I paired it with a silk red scarf and red barrettes to represent his cape. I found the barrettes in a dollar store years ago and purchased all they had because they resemble the A10 nerve clips Asuka wears in Neon Genesis Evangelion. The tall black boots were also purchased for previous cosplays. My wing earrings reference Thor’s winged helm.

I’m wearing a mini replica of Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, as a necklace with all my looks. It was initially purchased as a keychain.

For my darker Thor, I muted my colors and made it less flashy. I’m wearing layers in black and red. All of my clothes were purchased secondhand. The sweater appeared in the Padmé look that opened Costober 2020 and the shorts were part of Amy Pond. The necklace and boots are the same as my first look. The grey poncho is one of many in my closet because of Star Wars (also cozy).

Just before the climactic battle for New York in the first Avengers film, there is a montage of the team individually making the choice to fight. Thor’s part takes place in a sunlit meadow full of yellow flowers as he finds the fallen Mjölnir and picks it up. It’s one of my favorite moments in the entire MCU.

My Flower Child outfit for Thor features the shorts I wore for Draculaura, with the sequins turned to silver instead of pink. I used the sweater for my take on The Matrix‘s Trinity in Costober 2018. Under it I wore a Reading Rainbow t-shirt I got as a perk for backing their Kickstarter for a new app. The flower crown is one of many I have to wear to conventions. I also own a couple pairs of heart-shaped sunglasses. The truth is: I am flower child Thor.

Be sure to follow Liz on instagram because she is an amazing bounder and cosplayer (and person!)!

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