Costober 2020 Day 16: Amy Pond

Today starts a new theme, Wicked Girls, a reference to the Seanan McGuire song. My first Wicked Girl is an analogue for Wendy Darling of Peter Pan and Wendy: Amy Pond from the fifth through seventh series of (new) Doctor Who.

About the Look

Wendy played fair, and she played by the rules that they gave her;
They say she grew up and grew old -- Peter Pan couldn't save her.
They say she went home, and she never looked back,
Got her feet on the ground, got her life on its track.
She's the patron saint priestess of all the lost girls who got found.
And she once had her head in the clouds, but she died on the ground.

It’s fair to say the final line in that stanza applies to all of The Doctor’s companions. But Amy is the one he meets as a child and promises to take her away to adventure. She’s the one who first grows up, and then chooses to grow old. She chooses love and stability, and by journeying to the past, ends up living a life not unlike Wendy would.

Amy Pond is another divisive character who appears as both a child and a woman in her series. Quite a few posts have been written about her, from the beginning and past the end, which state she’s overly sexualized and has no character of her own. There are valid criticisms to be made. But Amy is more than the box the series or her critics put her into.

Amy, like Wendy, loves stories, and firmly believes in their power. And that belief is reinforced and rewarded over and over throughout the time we spend with her. She is a lost girl and a mum. Journey and home, family and independence all define her, despite, or because of, their contradictions. Amelia Pond was born to fly. And she does, for a time, before returning home and telling the story.

About My Look

I love Amy Pond, I relate to her, and to Wendy, and I’m so happy with how this came out!

My look is most inspired by the outfit in this banner, that highlights a few of Amy’s aesthetic traits: the color red, the short shorts and nylons, cute boots, ‘A’ necklace. The necklace was purchased on Etsy. The shorts, sweater, jacket, and boots were all purchased secondhand.

I’m wearing black eyeliner and mascara and my Revlon Wonder Woman lipstick.

The photos were taken at Fawn Lake, which is undergoing restoration, and had the TARDIS blue structures available.

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