Costober 2020

Wicked Girls

Wicked Girls refers to the song by Seanan McGuire. I’ve loved both the song and the concept since my friend Sigrid introduced it to me. She purchased it for me and in the email message included with the download link said it was a song about me and all the things I care about. In 2014 I made a playlist dedicated to the song which you can listen to on 8tracks

The verses are focused on famous heroines of children’s literature: Wendy (Peter Pan), Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz), Alice (Adventures in Wonderland), and Susan and Lucy (The Chronicles of Narnia). All of these girls escaped their ordered reality for a world of magic and possibility, but were then required to give it up and return home. The chorus provides advice from Tinkerbell (also Peter Pan), “You have to break rules if you want to break free.” Tink is quite literally my brand

Wicked girls choose to write their own story, and sometimes leave stories behind entirely. These are the women who refuse to conform to the narrative society provides them. 

For this theme I chose characters that I think correspond to each of the heroines listed in the song: Wendy, Dorothy, Alice, Susan, and Tinkerbell.

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