Costober 2020


Vigilantes take many forms. Hero, villain, gangster, thief, even social justice warrior. But vigilantes always work outside the laws, systems, and boundaries. They focus on the present over the future, and solve problems on a micro level. 

Vigilantes aren’t concerned with saving the whole world. Instead they devote themselves to a community. The community may be physical, such as a city or neighborhood. It may be personal, like their family or team. Or it may be socio political or philosophical, like an oppressed group, a cause, or simply “people who need my help”. 

Nor are vigilantes worried about questions of morality. They have their own concepts of what is right, what is wrong, and what is necessary. And they have their own reasons for choosing to act.

For this theme I chose characters who take an active and at times violent role for their chosen community. Characters who attack and unseat the status quo. Characters who put their rage on like armor and go to battle.

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