Costober 2020

Social Justice Warriors

The moniker “Social Justice Warrior” is a relatively new term, at least in the mainstream. It became prominent when it became the Gamergaters favorite insult circa 2011ish. They believe two things. 1) that “SJW”s are determined to ruin all media with their progressive ideals such as gender and racial equality. And 2) the SJWs are shallow sheep devoted to virtue signaling.

I added “Social Justice Klingon Warrior” to my Twitter bio when I received a comment on tumblr accusing me of turning B’Elanna Torres into an SJW in my “Faces” photocap. Now it’s on my business cards. I consider it a badge of honor.

For this theme I chose characters who speak up for what they believe in. Characters who take a stand against the unjust systems they are trapped within. Characters who use the tools they have to try and change the world.

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