Costober 2020


Two years ago my daughter turned thirteen on Friday the thirteenth and we went to Salem, Massachusetts to celebrate. We went to the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch Dungeon Museum, the Salem Witch Village, and on a Haunted Salem night time walking tour. We were told again and again no witches died during the Salem Witch Trials. None of the 200+ people accused of witchcraft, or the 25 who died, practiced it.

“Witch” encompasses Wiccans, pagans, herbalists, mystics, spell-casters, spiritualists, occultists, fantasy characters, and more. They are traditionally but not exclusively women. Witches exist on the outskirts of society and have unconventional beliefs and practices. They believe in magic, however they may personally define it.

For this theme I chose characters who practice magic. Characters who are powerful and characters who don’t fit in. Misfits, sorcerers, dreamers, and wild children.

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