Costober 2020 Day 20: Cameron Howe

My final Wicked Girl is programming wizard Cameron Howe from Halt and Catch Fire as an analogue for Tinker Bell from Peter Pan and related stories.

About the Look

Dorothy, Alice and Wendy and Jane,
Susan and Lucy, we're calling your names,
All the Lost Girls who came out of the rain
And chose to go back on the shelf.
Tinker Bell says, and I find I agree
You have to break rules if you want to break free.
So do as you like -- we're determined to be
Wicked girls saving ourselves.

My whole brand is named after Tinker Bell. In the book she’s mostly a plot device. On stage she’s a prop. In film she’s feisty and flirtatious. In all of these, she wants all of Peter’s attention all of the time. In the Disney Fairies film series, set in Pixie Hollow and completely separate from Peter Pan, she’s a scientist. Tinker Bell is a tinker, and a bit of an outsider, and a bit of a brat. Most importantly, she makes her own way and encourages everyone else to do the same.

I didn’t start watching Halt and Catch Fire until after it ended and only at the urging of my brother, John. It wasn’t marketed or reviewed in a way that excited me, so I put it on the “maybe later” list and ignored it. And I think this actually worked in my advantage. I had complete control over how to watch it, however many episodes at a time and however many days in between, and neither had to wait between seasons nor feel like I was missing something if I didn’t watch it “live”. I could engage with the series, plotlines, and character arcs at my own (Lee) pace.

And since I was effectively in a fandom of two with my brother, I didn’t have to read any “Cameron is So Unlikable” and “Why is Donna Such a Bitch?” comments. Cameron might be unlikable and Donna might be a bitch— both concepts are subjective and sexist — and that’s a lot of why I like them. Cameron is thorny. And demanding. And brilliant. And selfish. And wonderful.

About My Look

Cameron’s aesthetic is like Hackers for prestige drama. Geek Chic, maybe, eventually. But basically “what teen outcasts wear in eighties movies” and in fact, that’s where costumer Kimberly Adams-Galligan started. Cameron is both nerd and punk and she puts a lot of effort into looking like she’s put in no effort at all.

The Clash’s Joe Strummer pasted “ignore alien orders” on his guitar in the 1970s and it spread all around. It’s a brilliant slogan for Ms. Counterculture Cameron and not dissimilar to “break rules to break free”. If you don’t like what The Powers That Be say, go ahead and ignore it. I purchased the t-shirt on TeePublic.

The rest of this outfit I already owned. The jeans were purchased secondhand (and I wore them earlier this week as Rey). The shoes were also purchased secondhand. The sweatshirt is a Battlestar Galactica (2003 – but I hid any recognizable pieces) design by Her Universe that is sadly no longer available (I love it and want another!).

I am wearing minimal make-up, just mascara, a brush of white eyeliner, and cherry chapstick. E.T. is mine and vintage!

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