Thankfall Thursday: Baby Yoda and Fall TV

It feels a little strange to say in the year of hell that is 2020, but I actually have a lot to be thankful for. I’m healthy, my family is healthy, and my friends are healthy. I still have a job, and a home, and I can afford to eat, and heat my house. My circles are adapting to pandemic restrictions and putting in the effort to maintain our community.

Thankfall for TV

But for today’s thankfall post I want to discuss something that appears frivolous on its face: the ongoing return of new television episodes. Last spring, various series across the networks saw their seasons shuttered prematurely, and their futures thrown into chaos, due to the global pandemic. But they slowly but surely returned to work over the summer and Fall premiere season is saved. It’s longer and slower and somewhat precarious, but it’s happening.

I watch a lot of television, and that didn’t stop for the pandemic, it increased. I don’t have cable or satellite TV, but I have many streaming subscriptions. Current series were dark in the spring and summer but there were plenty of series to catch up on or rewatch across my services. But it’s still exciting to watch week to week, and to babble online with fans and friends while it’s current.

My go-to genres are medical dramas, procedurals about first responders, spies, fantasy, and space opera. I watch very few comedies. But what’s most important about my relationship with the medium is: I prefer a hot mess to prestige television. I watch terrible television so you don’t have to!

And that’s why this is a frivolous choice on the surface. But the truth is, television is what got me through the long months of upheaval and uncertainty that started mid-February and continue on. When my stress levels were highest and my ability to focus at its lowest, endless episodes of SVU kept me stable. On CSI science was the point. On The West Wing the government worked. Leverage fought back against an uncaring world. Once Upon a Time allowed stories to be rewritten again and again. And medical dramas and disaster films reliably allowed me a cathartic cry. I am so thankful.

About the Look

Yoda is my least favorite supporting character in the Star Wars universe. Like Dumbledore and Professor X, he is manipulative, judgmental, and convinced his way is the right way is the only way. I recognize this is a controversial opinion, but it’s my personal opinion. Yoda is the sand of Star Wars characters.

But I, like everyone else in the world, love Baby Yoda. I love Baby Yoda so much that I hate Old Yoda less! He is that magical. Psychology tells us we are wired to love babies. And it doesn’t hurt that Mando has the same reaction on screen— the plot of the series is “I would die for Baby Yoda!”

The second season of Baby Yoda and Friends (aka The Mandalorian) returned two weeks ago so it seemed like the perfect Disney property to reference in today’s ThankFallForYou post. And I had so much fun putting it together!

About My Look

I’ve owned this poncho-sweater for a few years and I love it. It’s cozy and fashionable and has character. Like the space knitwear of Star Wars and Star Trek. It’s just the write color and silhouette for Baby Yoda, I just needed a green turtleneck to wear underneath.

The collar of this green top was too low to be visible so I had to get creative: I turned it sideways and stuck my head through the left sleeve instead of the neck. Now the cowl was just right, and the poncho covered up the rest so no one was the wiser! Both tops were purchased secondhand.

I pulled my hair into low ponytails to suggest Baby Yoda’s ears. For make up I blended the pink sunscreen with gold lipstick on my cheeks. I also added the gold to my eyebrows. My shadow is the same green eye paint previously used for Evanora and Hera Syndulla.

The mask was purchased for me at Disney Springs in Florida this past June. And I got the tea cup from The Expanse pavilion at NYCC 2019.

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