Deanna Fashion Project: Alternative Uniforms

Confession: I love the mindress plus boots.

Starfleet Mindress (Encounter at Farpoint)

It’s ABSURD in context – she looks like she’s wearing the “Sexy Halloween” version of the standard uniform.

And here she honestly looks like Picard’s teenage daughter. Plus it is a ridiculously mini minidress.

The hem barely touches the chair! How is this practical? For a uniform???

Here is evidence that Deanna isn’t the only one who wears the short version of the uniform and I appreciate Joe Random Boy especially. The idea of the chief of security choosing the minidress, however, is laughable. I’m glad the pilot was the only appearance of this look. Love it as fashion, hate it as a uniform. 

On to the first of Deanna’s ‘Alternatives to a Uniform Duty Wear’.

Grey Jumpsuit (Season One)

The neckline and color of the waistband change now and then (lilac above, silver below) but it’s her main season one outfit.

As a uniform it’s a stronger look than the minidress. She no longer looks like Picard’s daughter and contrast the first cap with this one:

While she’s not wearing the same pattern as the others, it it the same silhouette. She fits in, and it’s easier to imagine her running (and sitting!) comfortably.

The color of this look is drab, especially for Deanna, but I like the idea that she designed her own faux-uniform…and that she continues to play with its design as the years go by. 

Maroon Jumpsuit (Season 2 on)

I prefer the silhouette of this jumpsuit to that of the one she wears in season one. It doesn’t draw as much attention to her chest and waist, which gives it a softer feel.

The lovely wine red really suits her coloring and never in my memory resembles pajamas the way the lilac version below does.

Teal Duty Dress (Season 3 on)

This is maybe Troi’s most recognizable costume? It’s sort of the color of Starfleet Sciences (sometimes?) and I guess the asymmetry is meant to echo the swoop (maybe?) but it is really stretching it to call this a uniform.

Here she better matches Guinan than Beverly, especially if she removed the comm badge. But it’s one of Deanna‘s uniforms, worn on-duty, not off, and it is certainly memorable.

I call this Deanna’s space princess look and therefore, of course, I love it. Matchy tights for the win. The matchy shoes are a step too far for me but at the same time I love that she goes that step too far.   

Lavender Jumpsuit (Season 5 on)

This has the same cut as the wine red above. The light purple is perhaps a little more feminine, closer to the shades of pink Deanna often wears off duty.

Unfortunately this cut in that color sometimes resembles a toddler’s onesie which really steals her authority.

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