Deanna Fashion Project: Exercise

Work Out Wear (The Price)

Anytime Deanna and Beverly interact is a win and part of me adores these space Barbie togs but also Ow!

Klingon Martial Arts (Second Chances)

I prefer her Klingon martial arts wear.

Klingon Martial Arts (Second Chances)

They look comfortable, easy.

Klingon Martial Arts (Clues)

They’re not gendered — can you imagine Worf, Riker, or Geordi in the Barbie togs?

Klingon Martial Arts (Man of the People)

And she has that adorable kicky little hair bow!

Swimsuit (Voyager: Inside Man)

Like pretty much all of Deanna’s fashion choices this swimsuit+wrap is a mixture of practical and pretty. But what I like best here is that she’s helping a patient-friend while clearly off duty.

The outfit says a lot about how far their relationship has come, and also how far she is willing to go to help him.

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