Deanna Fashion Project: Nude and Similar

Naked (Insurrection)
Naked (Cost of Living)
Naked (Menage a Troi)
Metallic Ferengi Sheet (Menage a Troi)

These represent the lack of clothing more than a ‘look’. In the first two caps, Deanna chooses to be naked, but in the next two the Ferengi choose for her and her mother. Ew! 

Goddess of Empathy (Hollow Pursuits)

This is a fantasy representation of Deanna created in the Holodeck by Lt. Reginald Barclay which is all kinds of creepy. Plus she’s basically wearing drapes so it’s not even attractive?

Off-shoulder Nightdress (Clues)

It could be a really pretty nightdress, or it could be a drawstring sack. We never see enough to know for sure.

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