Deanna Fashion Project: Kick-Ass Leathers

I love Deanna in kick ass leathers. I love it because she is so tiny, delicate, soft, pretty – my space princess who loves pink and ruffles – but she doesn’t look like a damsel dressed up. She looks dangerous. She looks commanding. But still feminine and still kind. And if you look through the rest of my posts you’ll see that when she IS dressed in pink and ruffles and all the rest, she’s still in charge and still kick ass. Deanna is all of it. 

Insurrection  (Insurrection)

I find Insurrection boring, but it is uses costumes very well.

We’ve got Worf still wearing a sash, and a general Klingon aesthetic, despite being in randoplanet-townsperson clothes. Beverly is wearing a blue jacket over blue. And Data is dressed like a nerdy Pinocchio. Deanna stands out from them with no blue, but a (kick ass) leather jacket. I wants that jacket! 

Without the jackets these clothes are incredibly basic, but as they are meant to blend in with the randoplanet natives they are basic on purpose.

Overall, Deanna’s kick ass leathers say “don’t mess with me!”  Look at the way she’s in charge of the situation marching down to Picard!

But she also remains ridiculously adorable.

First Contact Disguise  (First Contact)

This is my favourite Deanna look of all. It is completely my aesthetic.

These costumes are meant to be “clothing of the dystopian future that predates the utopian future the rest of Star Trek takes place in”. They look like clothes we could buy today – or definitely in 1996, when this film came out – but there are those hints of strangeness, especially in Deanna’s.

That top is my favorite top. It’s punk Deanna. She wears it with a vest. And then that quilted leather jacket.

She blends in, but she stands out – which is exactly what she needs to do. Troi finds – and befriends – Cochrane first. Because that’s her job. 

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