Deanna Fashion Project: Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown  (Nemesis)

Somebody should have attacked them with a steamer before they took pictures but this dress is a culmination of all things Princess Deanna and her fairy tale romance and I. Love. It.

I love that she picks a dress that would work just as well for cotillion. I love that it is pale pink. I love that it is satin. I love that it is covered with cascading roses. I love that it looks like a cake. I love that there are ruffles and asymmetry.

I love that everyone else is in their dress uniform because this is a Starfleet wedding, and they are going to have another wedding on Betazoid, but it’s going to be traditional, as in naked, and she was like guys, I love you and I love Starfleet for bringing us together, but I am going to have a fairy tale princess wedding and you can’t stop me, and I love knowing that no one would even think to try because this right here is SO Deanna.

And I even love that those silly Love Boat dress uniforms sort of fit in with the fairy tale (though they also sort of look like waiters but what can you do). 

(Also I love Mrs. Riker and Mr. Troi and I wish the entire movie was about them because the only other thing I really like in it is Shinzon’s cray cray clothes.)

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