Deanna Fashion Project: Off-Duty Part One

I love, love, love that Deanna wears pink so often. Lots of pinks and lighter purples. Love it.

Date with Worf (All Good Things)

This striped outfit she wears on her holodate with Worf is cute, but in the second cap with Picard it’s clear there is too much fabric involved. 

Late Night Poker Hook-Up (Violations)

This just wants to be something else. It’s reminiscent of some of my favorite Deanna fashions (the Betazed picnic dress for example) but the waist is too high when coupled with the off-shoulder top and the pants are bunching. FWIW, she looks about 400 times better than Riker does.

Pink Halter (The Price)
Pink Halter (Night Terrors)
Pink Halter (Man of the People)

This halter gown is soft and pretty, demure and sexy, and very Deanna — hence it showing up a few times — but I don’t love it. Deanna likes to show off her shoulders (because they’re lovely) but I like the idea of this one more than the actuality. 

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