Jadzia Fashion Project: Bajoran

Vedek Disguise (The Siege)

Jadzia in disguise as a Vedek. It’s a lot.

The colors of the robes blend into the walls on Bajor, and notably match Kira’s standard uniform (Bajor does not separate church and state at all). Also notably, they stand out on DS9, you might even say they clash with the walls of the station. Clever!

But Vedek robes sort of make everyone look like a turtle hidden in a sofa from the eighties…there is just way too much going on. Which is absolutely in line with religious regalements – I’m certain each bead and thread means something – but it’s not high fashion. And Jadzia is probably committing some sin wearing it.

Telepathic Bajoran (Things Past)

This is not only not really Jadzia, it’s not really interesting. The outfit also blends into her surroundings – which is great costuming, assisting the story, but meh fashion.

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