Jadzia Fashion Project: Costume

I love holo technology, don’t you?

Medieval Gown (Way of the Warrior)

So here we have Jadzia and Worf’s first meeting and she’s dressed as a lady-in-waiting for her holo-excursion with Nerys. I wish we got to see more! I mean, I would not say no to a whole episode of DS9 does Camelot.

I like that Jadzia’s dress has metallic finishing that could subtly reference Klingons. It’s funny that she’s more shiny than Kira when Kira was playing the lead role of Queen Guenevere (and Kira is in her signature color while this is the only time Jadzia wears green – not sure that means anything but it’s interesting). 

Lukara (Looking for Par’Mach in All the Wrong Places)

And then there’s the Klingon version Guenevere, which is also in a gold scheme.

One of my favourite things about all the Klingon clothes Jadzia wears is that the women’s version is not too dissimilar from the men’s. Here, she does have the gold breastplate but otherwise Quark is wearing the same thing – and as they are enacting a romance-battle, not having a real battle, the breastplate can be seen as a ceremonial costume piece.

The detailing on this costume is impressive and I love that it covers her body in layers and is considered romantic, even sexy. 

Honey Bare, Lab Coat (Our Man Bashir)
Honey Bare, Light Sweater (Our Man Bashir)

Arguably these are the same outfit, but she has a transformation sequence so I think it’s okay to separate.

I would like to draw your attention to her flats –

You could argue they were chosen for practical reasons like “Terry Farrell is six feel tall” but I like to think they were chosen for practical reasons like “professors don’t wear heels in their lab even when they are a transporter pattern trapped in a secret agent holosuite program”.

Also great: the length of her skirt and height of her collar. When you think about what actual Bond Girl Scientists wear, or say Gwen Stacy:

The Amazing Spider-Man

Jadzia’s look is notable in its sexy-but-still-appropriate-ness. I love Gwen Stacy’s clothes! But I work with actual college students in actual science labs and they don’t wear mini skirts and heels because it’s actually dangerous. End tangent, Bond Girl Jadzia’s clothes are ace. 

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