Jadzia Fashion Project: Casual Wear

Casual (The Siege)

This is Jadzia’s first appearance not in uniform. And it’s a good one. Variations on the deep rose of the over tunic become her signature color palette – other than science blue, which is referenced in the under tunic.

I actually really like the over tunic vest type thing (100% Would Wear) and want to know more about it. There’s not much to say about the undershirt and nothing to say about the boring grey pants.

Purple Lounge Jumpsuit (Rejoined)

This looks so comfy, I wanna wear it to lounge around home.  

And it has a cool seventies vibe that really fits Jadzia’s character – especially in these two episodes about the past catching up to the future in one way or another.

Purple Lounge Jumpsuit (Resurrection)

It’s in Jadzia’s rose-plum color palette, it has an interesting shape, and it says something about the character and the plot. A+ costuming.

Plus: Worf MATCHES her. He’s wearing pants with this blouse but it’s the same color and has the same lines and that is ADORABLE.

Magenta Party Dress (Fascination)
Magenta Party Dress (You Are Cordially Invited)

I love this dress! I love it, I love it, I want to own it, someone make it for me!

The color (within Jadzia’s shades of rose color palette) is so pretty and you know I love the tights that match the inner lining. It’s fun and flirty and girly without sexualizing her at all.

It looks amazing on Jadzia/Terry  – the cut really highlights her spots and I just adore that! – but this style would look great on lots of women with wholly different body types. 

Best of all this dress compliments and embodies (literally) Jadzia’s open, adventurous, accepting, joyful personality. It’s a triumph.

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