Jadzia Fashion Project: Space Resort Wear

Colorful Swimsuit (Way of the Warrior)

I love that the men are wearing less than the women in this swimsuit scene.

I don’t love the neon rainbow animal print (though as we see below it is in keeping with what DS9 imagines space faring people to wear on vacation). And the back straps look really uncomfortable – look how tight they are across her back.

Vacation Wear (Let He Who Is Without Sin…)

There is very little to recommend this episode in terms of “plot”, “substance”, “characterization”, or “Star Trek” – but in terms of fashion? A+.

Honestly, it helps Jadzia that everyone else looks ridiculous. Bashir’s pants are AMAZING, but ridiculous. Leeta is most definitely dressed as Tropical Barbie. Quark’s neon hurts my eyes.

Vanessa Williams would fit in on Buck Rogers. And poor Worf is not only stuck in the worst storyline, he’s stuck in his uniform for a parade of scenes set up to make him look more and more and more out of place, out of touch and just completely out of it. 

But Jadzia is rocking her rainbow metallics + various and sundry wraps and cover-ups.

This swimsuit is a better color and fit for her than the other. And I really do love the way every piece she is wearing is (space!) shiny. 

“The future is made of sparkles” is one of my most favorite space opera fashion concepts.

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