Jadzia Fashion Project: Mirror Universe

Okay, first of all the hair is so cute. So. Cute!

AU White Undershirt (Through the Looking Glass)
AU Blue Jumpsuit (Shattered Mirror)

Now let’s talk about how much Jadzia’s blue pops in these caps.

AU Blue Jumpsuit (Through the Looking Glass)

Everybody else is so drab, which is perfectly in line with the story, but I love that Jadzia stands out.

It’s also interesting that she’s dressed in blue and white in an episode named after Lewis Carrol’s wonderland stories in which the protagonist is most often depicted as wearing blue and white. Jadzia is not really in any kind of ‘Alice’ role but I like the imagery. 

The jumpsuit itself has nice lines, it’s both practical (and resembles a uniform, at least more so than anything the others are wearing) and pretty.

Without context the undershirt is unremarkable. In context, I love how unremarkable it is. This Jadzia is more utilitarian than ours, she has less authority, less opportunity, but she remains open, adventurous, perhaps more so. She is a canvas version of our Jadzia, another layer revealed when the jacket is removed. 

And on a purely aesthetic level the result is ridiculously attractive and Mirror Jadzia totally has a Sarah Connor thing going that is AWESOME.

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