Jadzia Fashion Project: Klingon Sparring

Klingon Martial Arts (Bar Association)

 Gender parity is my favorite thing about Jadzia’s many Klingon looks. The only difference between her exercise wear and Worf’s is the direction of the collar – and that makes them mirror images and bookends, all of which is just wonderful. I love them. 

I also like that on TNG Worf wore white and here on DS9 it’s black. Note that Worf’s suit has color at the collar and sleeves (Deanna’s does have the striping, but it is white on white).

Klingon Martial Arts (The Sons of Mogh)

Instead of silver as here, there it’s maroon –

And that’s the color of the suit Jadzia wears to spar with Worf before he accuses her of using her body as a distraction. Details like that are why I love to do these fashion projects. 

The maroon is also within Jadzia’s preferred color palette and I love the piping reminiscent of Kira’s clothes. It makes me think a Bajoran designed it, which makes perfect sense and is another of those details I love!

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