Jadzia Fashion Project: Nude and Medical

These are the least interesting of her costumes because they are not really outfits and not really about Jadzia.

Medical Frock (Tears of the Prophets)

I have strong feelings about various Starfleet medical robes and Deep Space Nine‘s are awful. The purple and rust color combination baffles me. Plus they look scratchy.

It is interesting to note that despite more than one medical procedure and life threatening event the only time Jadzia wears the ugly medical robe is her last appearance. 

Medical Sheets (Invasive Procedures)
Medical Sheets (Rock and Shoals)

And medical sheets are not the only time she is naked except for a strategically placed piece of fabric.

Towel (Playing God)

The towel scene in “Playing God” does give us insight into Jadzia’s character, her hobbies and her body acceptance, but it is not at all seamless. Of course she’s the one in a towel. And with Arjin’s obvious embarrassment it makes her confidence seem abnormal rather than something to admire.

Fur Blanket (Change of Heart)

Of these not-quite- looks I like the “come hither” furs she flashes to Worf in “Change of Heart” best because the action of the episode hinges on their relationship. Her flirtation and sexiness is purposeful and related to the action and the characters. Also, the framed wedding pic on her stand is adorable.

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