Jadzia Fashion Project: Uniforms

Generally I like the newer uniforms better, but on Jadzia the blue compliments her more – it really brings out her eyes. 

As she wears her uniforms more than anything else I find them most interesting in the slightly off versions.

Haphazardly wearing Worf’s sash in “Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places” and deconstructed in “Change of Heart” are two of my favorite Jadzia looks of all because they reinterpret the standard uniform she wears every week, turning it into something fresh that relates to the story being told. 

Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places

In the first instance Jadzia and Worf are taking the first steps in their romantic relationship and here she is with Worf’s signature costume item. And it’s askew, like Klingon tradition: 

DAX: According to tradition, we have to get married.
WORF: But as you keep insisting, you are not a traditional woman. 

Change of Heart

In the second episode, both their marriage and Worf’s dedication to Starfleet and his career are tested, twisted, taken apart and put back together – just like her uniform.

AU Future (The Visitor)

The best thing about Jadzia’s uniform in The Visitor (besides her being alive) is that it’s the same as Beverly’s in All Good Things:

Nice AU Future continuity! That said I hope Starfleet decides against these high waisted, bulky shouldered, complicated for no reason uniforms because if they are not flattering on these two women, they are not flattering on anyone

Dress Uniform (Rules of Engagement)

Similarly, I’ve never been a big fan of the longer tunic with gold collar “let’s make it an actual dress” dress uniform.  

Dress Uniform (Rejoined)

Why are there so many people not in dress uniform at this party? Do only officers get one? Anyway, the cut looks better on Jadzia than Worf or Sisko but it’s just not attractive OR particularly military OR military formal. My main comment is SIGH.

Dress Uniform Undershirt (Rejoined)

Underneath the kitschy collared tunic is a nice streamlined look, however. It reminds me of the infamous Gap turtleneck Sharon Stone wore to the 1996 Academy Awards.

And in fact –

Uniform Undershirt (You Are Cordially Invited)
Uniform Undershirt (Change of Heart)

Beneath Jadzia’s uniforms of we find a layer of bad ass.

No one is surprised.


TOS (Trials and Tribbleations)

There are 100 reasons or more why this is a ridiculous military or exploratory uniform and I expect I don’t have to go into any of them. But in the context of late 1960s fashion reinvented as early 24th century fashion, I love the TOS micro-mini and go-go boots. And that hair! Of course. 

This episode is a tribute to the original series and Jadzia’s costume is a tribute to the original women’s costume – which we really shouldn’t consider outside the context of 60s women’s fashion. If you watch Mad Men you may recognize this knockout look from Shirley: 

What Shirley is wearing is almost identical to what Uhura, Rand, and here Jadzia wear – long sleeves, full collar, micro-mini skirt, tall boots, and eye popping red. This episode (A Day’s Work) took place in 1969 and this is what was on trend for stylish women. Shirley is confident and feels empowered, not demeaned, by her outfit. (thevalkyriedirective has a more in-depth look at this here).

On Jadzia, twirling and winking and waggling her eyes at the original trio, the uniform is as playful as she is. It’s fun and I just love it.

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