Jean-Luc Fashion Project | Naked

Naked isn’t a uniform, but I like to start these projects with the lack of clothing, and most of these instances he is “dressed” in Starfleet sheeting, which is close enough.

Naked also isn’t a costume usually (it would be at say, a Betazoid wedding, when it is a cultural sartorial choice). It’s possible Jean-Luc is wearing underwear or some kind of yoga pant under the sheets in this first set of caps but as we’ll never know, let’s go with nude.

First, scenes in his quarters.

Angel One

This sheet looks standard issue but the pillow is interesting. Kinda resembles a rock and therefore doesn’t scream “comfortable” but fits Jean-Luc’s archaeology buff aesthetic.


This comforter set at the Academy is also pretty standard and boring, but I love the wall of plants and strange glass …art? that looks kind of precariously placed. What if there was an earthquake (as happens in San Francisco, where Starfleet Academy is)? Looks like a rude awakening…

Though, Q’s already taken care of that I guess.

Suddenly Human

Anyway, the Galactic Glitter Sheet that Beverly apparently uses in Sickbay makes up for all the boring. I’m sure it has some kind of futuristic medicinal value but even if not, I want one. 

Chain of Command

During the torture sequence in Chain of Command (part 2), he’s stripped of his clothing in order to strip him of his dignity.

So that’s terrible and says more about the Cardassians than Picard.  

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