Jean-Luc Fashion Project | Medical Gown

Medical is my favorite Starfleet track and of course it’s because of the wonderful doctors and nurses and counselors etc. who fill their ranks… but they also get such great set and costume design.

Samaritan Snare
Suddenly Human

Here we have two instances of Picard dressed to match the bed sheets in sickbay. It’s entirely possible the red set belong in the previous post on naked Picard but I decided the watch-cap places it here. The more stuffy blue set are what Jean-Luc ends up in post-Galactic Glitter Sheet.

The blue is a better costume – it looks like standard issue from a pseudo-military organization and the stiffness and piping both mimic the uniform and give it that futuristic-by-way-of-the-90s TNG feel whereas the watch-cap looks like something I could buy in CVS right now (or on the streets of 1930s NYC I suppose). But, still, none of this is about Picard. 

In terms of Star Trek medical gowns, both these rank above DS9′s ugly rust and purple but below Voyager’s surprisingly attractive blue and of course TOS’s ridiculously adorable bows

The best parts of these caps are clearly the Simon inspired medical table:

And the angry teen’s gold, quilted, alien uniform.

I really like the color story in this last cap, the idea that Picard understands the kid better having stepped out of his command mindset. He’s now draped in the (medical/science) blue of curiosity and caring.

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