Jean-Luc Fashion Project | Simulated Uniforms

These are uniforms, but all four are worn in a simulation of reality.

Future Imperfect

The first is neither actually Picard nor actually a Starfleet uniform. It is made up by Romulans trying to convince Riker he’s forgotten sixteen years of his life.

Though, Deanna’s and Will’s uniforms remain the same except for the communicator. In any case, it is a Romulan designed Starfleet uniform, which is an interesting concept. It clearly, and correctly, matches the standard TNG uniforms more than the outrageous (and imo hideous) Romulan uniforms, but there are nods to the Romulan aesthetic in the cut and emphasis of the shoulders.


Although these scenes in “Tapesty” are a Q-facilitated recreation of Jean-Luc’s Academy years, he did actually wear the TOS film era ‘Monster Maroon’ uniform at the Academy and inhis early years in Starfleet. Jean-Luc he is OLD. According to this timeline he becomes Captain of the Stargazer when Beverly Howard is nine and before the rest of the Enterprise crew have been born.


The blue uniform Jean-Luc only wears in the still Q-facilitated faux reality where he avoids the altercation that cost him his heart and as a result never learns to take risks. (Here is a really good article about how this plot is a bit dodgy.)

It’s strange to see Jean-Luc in Science Blue. He certainly has a curious, academic, intellectual side but it’s not who he chooses to be, not only in this episode, but consistently.  He’s a leader, a commander, and a very good one.


Finally, the naval throwback uniforms (which I love, love, love) are worn on the holodeck. 

And I can fully believe they were Picard’s idea. It makes little to no sense for Worf to choose this locale for his promotion, but Picard enjoys history and reenacting it on the holodeck.

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