Jean-Luc Fashion Project | Dress Uniform

Both TNG Era dress uniforms are SO SILLY. I love to imagine all the characters whining about having to wear them. Picture Will Riker catwalking. Worf appreciates the gold but complains he can’t do his duties in a tunic that reaches his knees. Geordi can’t tell if it makes him more or less attractive to the ladies. Jean-Luc loves Starfleet and respects protocol but even he has been caught rolling his eyes. 

Coming of Age
The Perfect Mate
Sub Rosa

The progression of caps show the rising hemline on the dress-Dress uniform over the years. It starts out knee length, hits mid thigh, and ends up just below the waist by “Sub Rosa”. I assume this is due to officer (actor? studio?) complaints. The uniform itself looks best in the cap from “Sarek” where it compliments the Vulcan group.

The pants also transition along with the hem, moving from what appear to be heavy tights or leggings to more standard dress slacks. Personally I like cap 2 best – the ‘formal dress uniform’ with the stripe all the way down. The tunic length top does pair better with the slacks, but I prefer the longer hem and leggings.

Data’s Day

As for the white-Dress uniform, it’s an improvement in that it’s distinct from the standard uniform. I love the gold piping on the pants and at least the idea of the quilting. There is certainly a Naval feel to it….unfortunately there is also a cater waiter feel to it. The top that pretends to be a jacket + shirt but is not is an odd choice. Not bad, but odd.

And while I love Beverly adjusting Jean-Luc’s collar for a hundred and ten reasons the close up makes the piping look like ric rac from Joanne Fabric’s clearance aisle. Which actually makes sense if these are mass produced but in the universe of the replicator are they?

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