Kes Fashion Project | Elder

Although the episodes take place three seasons apart, these three looks tell an interesting story when considered together. The Older Kes we see in “Before and After”:

Old Kes (Before and After)
Old Kes (Before and After)

more closely resembles Young Kes:

than the older Kes we see in “Fury”:

Old Kes (Fury)

This makes sense both within story (the plot of Fury is that Kes lost her sense of self when she left home/Voyager) and outside of it (Fury is a sixth season episode and Lien left the series 2 years earlier).

“Fury”’s present time (Old) Kes is purposefully costumed to appear dark and damaged, the opposite of who we remember Kes to be. Her dress is long, its colors muted and drab. But she still wears layers and her pixie cut. Notably, the over-robe references “Before and After”’s Old Kes in cut and color – but they are otherwise very different versions of an older Kes.

The time traveling Old Kes of “Before and After” is dressed in the orange and red Kes wore when we first met her. She even has the matching tights.

These outfits are age-appropriate and recognizably Kes. The blanket overshawl she’s wearing above looks horribly itchy, or like it might make me sneeze, and both looks vaguely resemble upholstery but they work.

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