Kes Fashion Project | Jumpsuit

These two outfits are the closest Kes gets to a uniform in design.

Navy Jumpsuit (Darkling)
Navy Jumpsuit (Scorpion)
Red Jumpsuit (Darkling)
Red Jumpsuit (Before and After)
Red Jumpsuit (The Gift)

The blue especially shares traits with clothes worn by both Deanna Troi and T’Pol, clothes that are specifically not Starfleet issue but are nonetheless uniforms of a type. In contrast, these two looks fall outside what Kes normally wears. The blue jumpsuit has her typical color gradient (though it is muted) and the red jumpsuit includes her layered aesthetic and a nod to asymmetry but they are distinct from her usual ‘Tinker Bell’ dresses. 

I don’t want Kes to dress (or act!) “like Starfleet” (and even these two are hardly that). It’s significant that she exists (and chooses to exist) outside of Starfleet. But I do think it’s interesting that Kes and Neelix are adopted into the crew while the Maquis are absorbed into it and Naomi, Seven, and Icheb exist somewhere in between the two – I wish that was explored more and specifically in regards to Kes who is the only one never seen in a Starfleet uniform. Mainly I just want more Kes.

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