Kes Fashion Project | Turquoise

How Deanna Troi can Kes be? So Deanna

Before and After

Same color (Starfleet Medical Blue). Same cut:


I mean, seriously, that asymmetric collar is so very Kes and so very Teal!Deanna at once that a tiny part of me thinks they built asymmetry into Kes’s aesthetic to reference Deanna from the beginning.

It’s worn over matchy tights and shoes, and her new hairstyle is also reminiscent of Deanna.

Real Life

The symmetry carries over past aesthetics as well: like Deanna she has somewhat undefined mental powers that include an ability to read people, works most closely with the medical department, and her interactions with the Doctor show she has an aptitude for counseling. 

I love everything about this look and only wish we got to see more of it.

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