Kes Fashion Project | The K(a)esthetic

With few exceptions Kes wears layered minidresses over tights.

Eye of the Needle

I love it. Kes is probably the Trek character whose fashion choices most closely resemble my own personal ‘character design’ (Kira’s casual outfits are the only others in the running and they are also made up of layers in different textiles).

Kes resembles Tinker Bell: 

Peter Pan (1953)

I might even say modern Tink resembles Kes:

Tinker Bell film series (2008-2014)

Layers, tights, asymmetrical cuts, textured fabrics, blended colors. 2008 Tink’s personality shares a lot with Kes, too (where she is nothing like 1953 Tink). Is it a stretch to imagine the people behind Disney Fairies were secret early Voyager fans? Of course. But wouldn’t it be something? 

How Tinker Bell can Kes be?

Cold Fire

So Tinker Bell. I also like that this look is earthy and natural, like her garden.

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