Picard 2.7: Monsters

Content warning: Hi everybody, this episode deals with mental illness in a way I don’t like. I don’t hate everything, but I believe Yvette’s storyline does more harm than good. We don’t experience it from her point of view and whatever the next twist is, that won’t change because this story isn’t about Yvette (or Renee), it’s about Jean-Luc. I firmly believe the Star Trek team need an on staff mental health consultant if they want to include depictions of mental illness, trauma, and therapy in their series (which they should! That’s great! Just, include our voices, please). They have three scientific consultants; social science is also important. You can read my own story here.

Subtitle: representation matters and this is bad


2 thoughts on “Picard 2.7: Monsters

  1. They used the concept of domestic violence as a red herring.

    A fucking red herring.

    Irresponsibility, thy name is Picard.

    • It was pointed out to me that this aired while the Depp/Heard trial is overwhelming social media and somehow I was able to become even more angry.

      Thank you for your comment!

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