Nyota Fashion Project | Away Team Jumpsuit

I would wear all of the component parts of this look.

Star Trek Into Darkness

The wetsuit was apparently difficult to get in red, which is interesting because now I really want one should I ever go diving.

I’d also love a standard swimsuit adaptation of this. I love the piping effect and the badge scale pattern works better here than it does on the standard uniform.

The difficulty mentioned above explains why Kirk, Sulu, and McCoy all wear a slate grey version instead of gold and blue respectively, but it once again sets the woman apart from the men.

Then there’s what appears to be a jumpsuit that goes over the wetsuit and resembles my favorite Starfleet uniform of all, Enterprise’s flight suits.

This one I would love to see reimagined as a jacket, which I would wear over a little black (or red) dress or even jeans and tee for less formal outings…I would totally just wear it as my Fall weather jacket.

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