Nyota Fashion Project | Starfleet Uniform (TOS)

Lieutenant Uhura’s original series minidress uniform is ICONIC.

Is it ridiculous as a uniform? Yes, of course. Should scientific uniforms be gendered in the 24th (or 21st) century? No, of course not. Is Nyota’s uniform fashionable to the nth degree and worthy of celebration? Of a certainty.

The Corbomite Maneuver
Charlie X

It is also political. In addition to the Jadzia Fashion Project, here are some articles about the power of the mini-skirt

Nyota’s micro-mini is not practical and probably not appropriate.

But in the sixties, on a black woman, it was considered inappropriate for blatantly racist and sexist reasons – whether she could do her job comfortably had nothing to do with it.

In that way it was progressive, and divorced entirely from politics, practicality, and context: it is certainly stylish as hell.

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