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I’ve always liked the red jacket uniforms. They’re not as fun as the brightly colored ones of the series, but they have more of a uniform feel to them, they look ‘official’ and make the group (Starfleet) look larger, more homogenous.

But, perhaps because she gets stuck wearing one when every other character gets to change, I don’t like them as much on Uhura.

The Wrath of Khan

In II, this uniform’s first appearance, she’s wearing pants, gathered at the ankles, like everyone else.

The Search for Spock

For the third film, Nichelle requested she have a skirt. I’ve nothing against this, I fully believe Nyota, like Nichelle, likes skirts. And I quite like the idea that there is a choice between pants and skirt, that’s as it should be, and open to all genders (shout out to TNG’s crewman in a skant).

The Search for Spock

But as much as I love her scene with ‘Mr. Adventure’ in III, but I am forever bitter about her being left on Earth while the boys go off to have adventures. While wearing other clothes! When she shows back up at the end she’s still in uniform.

The Search for Spock

And in IV, she is again still in uniform.

The Voyage Home

I mean, it’s part of the gag that none of their ‘future clothes’, not even Nyota’s Starfleet uniform, look out of place in 1980s San Francisco but Sulu and Chekov get to wear super cool clothes! Why not Uhura?

The Final Frontier

Especially since we know her out of uniform attire is legit amazing.

The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek (2009)

The cadet uniforms for Star Trek (2009), are clearly meant to reference the Prime TOS film uniforms.

They’re the same crimson color, they have the same homogeneity. All the women (and none of the men) wear skirts because society is moving backwards or something.

But Kelvin Cadets, from the turtleneck to the flared mini and matchy matching jacket, wear what I personally choose to wear so I personally really love this look as fashion. 

And this is another jacket I would totally wear with my normal everyday clothes. It even has epaulets! 

(Aside: the cap featuring Kirk comforting Uhura on Vulcan, gives me many feels. I am hugely invested in the relationship between Jim and Nyota, and their feelings for Spock, which is mostly on display in the reboot films but look! There it is in Star Trek III!!)

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