Nyota Fashion Project | Starfleet Dress Uniform (Kelvin)

Starfleet Dress Uniform (Star Trek Into Darkness)

We barely see Nyota in the dress uniform so none of the following is specific to her, but I’m generally not a fan of it. Content warning for Nazis.

There is a passing resemblance to Nazi Germany:

And sure, it also resembles a US military dress uniform:

A Few Good Men

Which is more likely what they were going for, but let’s look at actual Nazis on Star Trek:

Star Trek -“Patterns of Force”
Star Trek: Voyager – “The Killing Game”
Star Trek: Enterprise – “Storm Front”

If you don’t want to look like Star Trek Nazis, maybe don’t use the same grey color palette that shows up on ALL the Star Trek Nazis. What happened to the crimson? Are we to infer that Admiral Marcus’s extremism extends to what his Fleet wears? Are these dour uniforms meant to reflect what’s wrong, what Kirk and company must fight against (the ‘darkness’ dare I say)? Is that why, though Kirk is seen in this uniform in at least four scenes, he never actually wears the hat?? 


But if so, why are they all still wearing them in this end scene? Couldn’t someone be in a bright color, or maybe a pastel? Okay, it’s a memorial but even the trees look drab in these shots. It’s so incredibly depressing. Which contradicts Kirk’s speech. The Nazi-ness is actually pretty disturbing in the context of what he says, “a call for us to remember who we once were and who we must be again.”


But even ignoring the vague shout out to the Third Reich (which is, to be honest, hard to ignore), the overall aesthetic is too militaristic for what I’d personally like Starfleet to be. And as previously stated, too drab. 

Based on the women to Kirk’s left in the above screencap, Nyota’s (and Carol’s) uniform likely includes a skirt.

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