Runway Rundown: Project Runway 13.1

It’s one of my favourite times of the year: the Project Runway season premiere! The middle of the season is probably my real favourite part of PR — in the beginning there are SO MANY contestants it’s hard to follow them all and in the end I am inevitably angry at and disappointed in everyone. Contestants, judges, hosts, producers, audience….basically everybody except the models (they work so hard you guys. Go models!). But I am always super excited for the premiere because I love watching this show even when I hate it. And while I maintain “reality series” trumps “fashion” in PR World, I love talking about the fashion!!!! So let’s get to it:

[Note: I am ignoring the three people who were invited to New York but sent packing before the first challenge. Sorry fans of whoever they were.]



Probably my favourite in terms of what I would WEAR. Simple and cute, the only thing notable is the fabric and he had little control over that so. Kinda sorta the definition of safe — but I like it.


Also basically cute and basically safe. I don’t expect her to go far based on the judges critique of her portfolio (and I’m not wowed either) but I love her hair.

I have this paperdoll fashion app “Covet” (which I love but it is always crashing, so annoying!) and this looks like something I would make with it when I didn’t have enough cash to get what I wanted. Which is to say these pieces don’t go together and not in a cool fashion kind of way.

Did he put the fabrics together or did it come like that? Heidi’s German buddy got zero screentime during the challenge so Idk. And the little white top bit looks kinda like he forgot to replace the muslin which is a weird choice. This isn’t bad, I just wish I knew where it came from.

I think this dress would look lots better in a different fabric. In this fabric it has a Forever 21 vibe that I don’t think the designer wants. So I give it a “You Tried” star.

And this looks like a perfectly lovely dress for a Desperate Housewife of Miami to wear at the airport bar because her flight was delayed.


Korina and Mitchell are clearly playing the “if we’re snarky villains they’ll keep us around for ratings” game. This is “on trend” with what I’ve seen celebrities wearing lately and I’m kinda impressed she avoided using other fabrics. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, I find Korina tiresome.


I like it in this pic about 500 times more than I did watching it walk the runway last night? The styling especially.

Why is that headband.

The other one I’m most likely to wear and not ONLY because it has a A on it.


Oh Angela. I don’t think she’s cut out for this. I’d like her to buckle down, wow the judges, and shut up the naysayers because this look has some ideas behind it. It’s more interesting than a floral dress but it has to be executed better and without the “skin for the purpose of being edgy”. And she has to calm down. We’ll see.

For one brief moment I thought they might get rid of Mitchell right away. But of course they didn’t. He’s obnoxious and outrageous and will make it on that alone for a while. This look is stupid and crafty and boring.

Tbh I renamed Jefferson “Cannon Fodder” the moment he said he was just out of school. Reality series casting people love that fresh, new, untested contestant that might be a precocious genius and if not, nbd, cut him loose fast and encourage him to spin it like an amazing opportunity he wasn’t ready for. He can even come back in a later season with renewed spirit and vision. This look is a mess. It would be darling on a toddler. The styling is a disaster. Jefferson seemed sweet, I hope he isn’t crushed.


Adorable. So much volume honestly seems risky so I’m happy she pulled it off and the judges appreciated it. It’s super early to guess but Char could be one to watch.

Hahahahaha, of course. I like this, but it is just so obvious? Zac Posen’s critique was hilarious: “Clearly well made and commercial. [SILENCE]” It basically screams ‘I am the veteran designer, put me in the top 3′. Model’s workin’ it, tho, and it’s not not deserving.

I love that this won! It’s like Heidi and Zac decided they wanted people like me to knock off saying “Stop pretending this show is about fashion”. Because this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more “fashion” than anything else on that runway. It is also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more cray cray. But I liked Sandhya’s pre-show portfolio more than anyone else’s. It struck me as “the quirky girl who this show will eat up” collection so I wasn’t expecting her to do well. I hope this early win means the judges are really as behind her vision as they appear to be. Who knows, the preview was a little worrying, and also the green room announcement “I was the only one who thought you would win, everyone else thought you were in the bottom!” Not exactly confidence/friendship building there! But I am totally Team Sandhya so far.

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