4 thoughts on “Picard 3.9: Võx

  1. Felt like the Borg retxposition dialogue was hijacked and given to the boys. Seems so obvious that it should have gone:

    SEVEN: All Borg undergo genetic alteration, so that their bodies can communicate with their cybernetic components.
    BEVERLY: As it turns out, yours were just a little more extensive than we thought. New genetic code was actually written and stored inside you, something we were never able to detect 35 years ago. So the anomaly Dr. Soong discovered during the admiral’s transition into synthetic form was, in fact, dormant biological Borg adaptation.
    SEVEN: They never truly let you go. It is why Vadic stole your body from Daystrom. Your son appears to be a transmitter, able to send instructions.
    BEVERLY: It appears the Changelings stole your body to weaponise that Borg genetic code.
    SEVEN: He may be Borg, but that is not all he is.

    Cus, y’know, who’s the Borg expert? Who’s the doctor? Why should these lines be delivered by the engineer and the warrior monk?

  2. I agree with wildishmazz except for one last comment:

    BEVERLEY: We should have offered the Borg Queen that emollient skin ointment for implant irritations while we had a chance.

    Search for Borg Skin Cream and you will find that the Borg Pharma Cosmetics website is still under construction, so their various creams are not yet available.

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