Jean-Luc Fashion Project | Alternate Future

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In the series finale, Q sends Picard on a time warp into his past and his future. Because our Picard does not belong in either time, and knows it, and tries to fix it, he alters the timeline into timelines and thus Old Picard, again, isn’t really Picard. But he’s closer to “real” than Kamin or Q’s other meddling

Jean-Luc wears three outfits in his to-be-alternate future:

(1) Overalls to tend the Picard vineyard in his retirement.

(2) A vaguely uniform-like suit to join back up with his crew.

(3) And these boring green pajamas I’m surprised they took the time to make. Though I suppose they help sell the “doddering old man” concept.

And the pjs are absolutely within our Jean-Luc’s Earth tone aesthetic as is the asymmetrical closure, it’s simply more closed than the younger Jean-Luc wears it – which is super clever and I applaud.

The blouse he wears while working in the vineyard has the same wrap closure and the outfit appropriately resembles what Robert Picard wears in “Family”.

But it’s his tan and taupe suit I find most interesting. It has a very Star Trek: The Motion Picture feel to it:

Which is a nice nod to the “getting the band back together” plot of that film as well as Starfleet’s questionable uniform ‘upgrade’s; as described during the Jadzia Fashion Project, the future uniform Beverly sports here is not my fave.

This suit is also very Jean-Luc: Earth tone, v-neck, resembles the ‘rough and tumble salt of the earth’ persona he likes to project while also fitting in with both Data & Geordi’s old professor looks and Beverly and crew’s Starfleet uniforms. He’s comfortable and still commanding.

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