Jean-Luc Fashion Project: Picard Trailer Speculation

A trailer for the upcoming series Star Trek: Picard was released Saturday as part of the Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic Con and focusing only on the fashion is a near impossible task because it is truly epic. However as Jean-Luc Picard himself says, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.” And there is A LOT of fashion in the two minutes shared.

They are four to six distinct looks in the trailer in three color schemes.

First up, the Command Red we know and love. Here we have a mysterious young woman, Dahj (Isa Briones), asking Picard for help. This look is reminiscent of his old uniform, particularly the vest and tunic version he wore in First Contact. I can’t be certain but in the still above it appears to have a similar cut.

The ribbed turtleneck also reminds me of the TOS film series’s “Monster Maroon” uniform which Jean-Luc wore early in his career. I am intrigued about these vague nods given Picard has left Starfleet and this scene theoretically takes place on his vineyard in France. I am also intrigued by (and kind of obsessed with) the tag flap under the turtleneck in this second cap. I love strange future fashion!

This black-on-black jacket look is also familiar, resembling the suede Captain’s jacket worn in the later seasons of TNG. And this appears to be what he wears on whatever mission he is on.

Here’s the last still lit up a bit:

It definitely passes for Starfleet adjacent, but dark and stealthy, and it amuses me that the shot with Elnor (Eva Evagora) and Agnes (Alison Pill) could just as easily be from one of the first X-Men films. It also fits Picard’s Street Level Hero aesthetic.

Jean-Luc is wearing a jacket in many of his shots, which is entirely On Brand, but it’s unclear how many different jackets they are.

This worn to Starfleet is like the above Action Jacket but does not appear to be the same. The darker fabric across his shoulders looks like suede in this still and leather in the previous. And here it looks even more like the uniform, especially surrounded by other officers – his lines match the man in blue to his left and the pair in gold to his right more than the v-neck on display behind them or the alien (?) by the left palm trees.

This should (?) be the same visit but again looks like a different jacket.

This jacket does not have the darker ‘Starfleet’ top cut, and looks more like a nice business tweed. Now, Jean-Luc does love layers so maybe he wears this sweater and jacket combo under the outer suede/leather?

Or it could be lighting. Which brings us to the turtleneck, which is a nice sage in the shots above.

And a deep brown here. The lighting is very different, but they could also be two separate tops.

Here he has a button down and tie under his jacket.

And this shot looks the same except without the tie. The jackets consistently have a collar with no points, which is a nice nod to ‘future’ fashion without making a show of it.

This jacket does not have the tall collar, and the top is neither button down nor turtleneck, so this is definitely a distinct look from the rest…

Except here we can see it has that same darker suede part over the shoulders. So still a different look with the light zipper-collar sweater, but potentially the same jacket.

Although black in the first Starfleet still, this jacket appears brown in the trailer screencaps, and brown is more in line with Jean-Luc’s earth tone aesthetic, which is on full display in all of these looks except the black on black on black mission wear. And black on black on black makes sense for an off the books spy caper.

The crew are all in shades of black and grey – and navy for Elnor.

And I like that the last shot, the “Engage” we’ve all been waiting for, he’s in the mission blacks and grey but also in rumpled linen. It’s very in keeping with Jean-Luc’s aesthetic, and with the promise of the pre-released key art.

These are fully accurate to the Picard we know, the man with aristocratic hobbies and proletarian fantasies. I feel secure that designer Christine Bieselin Clark has a handle on who he is and I cannot wait to see everything!

Finally, while not Jean-Luc, I love every single thing about Seven’s appearance. It looks incredibly comfortable and rugged, and matches Picard in a great way: layers, earth tones, badass leather jacket. Perfection.

If the trailer is any indication I can look forward to lots and lots of fun fashion to analyze!

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